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St. James Parish is our home.

We need to protect it for generations to come.

That starts with stopping one of the biggest and most toxic chemical plants on the planet, Formosa Plastics.

St. James Parish should be investing in smarter, healthier, long-term industries.

Yet the St. James Parish Council continues to prioritize risky projects in dying industries.

Our community deserves better.

That’s why we’re coming together as a community to tell the Parish Council:

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St. James Parish Families Oppose Formosa

Gail Lebouef
“Why should we let Formosa build on our land, when they’re just going to take the profits back to Taiwan while we’re stuck with the consequences? And now we’re giving them tax breaks? That’s not right.”
Gail LeBoeuf
Gonzales, LA
Javon Harris
“I have asthma, and there are certain times of the day that I can’t even be outside of my own house because the air gets so bad here. I need Formosa to stay out of my town because I want to be able to breathe.”
Ja’von Harris
12th grader in St. James, LA
Craig Perque
“Formosa was banned in its own country because it’s so toxic. Now they want to come here? I don’t think so.”
Craig Perque
Vacherie, LA

The facts are clear: Formosa Plastics is a bad deal for St. James Parish families.

Across Louisiana, residents are building our region’s future as part of the fast-growing renewable energy industry that will fuel their economies for decades to come.

Here in St. James Parish, we should be benefiting from these same jobs. Our Parish Council keeps tying us to 
dying companies with no future.

Instead of investing in growing industries, they keep pushing old ideas and betting on financially risky companies like Formosa Plastics.

Oil and plastics producers are 
suffering worldwide losses due to the pandemic, and industry giants like Shell, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron reported “some of their worst financial results in history” last year. As a result, many producers are shutting their doors and taking their jobs with them, including here in Convent, Louisiana where Shell recently closed its refinery and laid off 700 area residents.

The last thing St. James Parish needs is more dying industry.

We’re coming together as concerned residents because we know we need to look out for one another. And we need to stop Formosa Plastics. 

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