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Tell the St. James Parish Council: NO FORMOSA

Send a letter to the St. James Parish council below.
Your Letter:

Formosa Plastics wants to build one of the world’s biggest, most toxic plastics plants in St. James Parish. As a resident and voter, I’m counting on you to stop it. 

Formosa Plastics would be a death sentence for our families. Its products are getting banned in many countries, including its own. Why should Formosa Plastics be allowed to take its profits overseas, while we’re stuck with the consequences?

The facts are clear: Formosa Plastics failed to disclose the extent of the facility’s toxicity to the Parish Council when seeking approval for its land use application. 

St. James Parish is our home and we need to protect it for our children, our grandchildren, and for generations to come. 

Please let me know if you intend to revoke Formosa’s permit. I’m a constituent, and I’d appreciate your response within 5 business days. 

Thanks so much,